Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nail Polish - 4 Things I learned yesterday

1. Revlon makes GREAT nail polish.
2. Leopard nails are really hard to do on yourself.
3. I am not ambidextrous with doing my own nails artistically like I am with makeup
4. I could never be a hand model, I have little kid hands.

Ok, to elaborate on that all...

I've been on the hunt for a while for awesome drug store polish that comes in colors that I can do a good leopard print nail. I finally found them!! The other day I tried Revlon Colorstay Polish, and did an awesome teal and black french tip that stayed beautifully, and this time, I found great colors with Revlon's Top Speed nail polish. Golden took 2 coats for good opacity, and it a gorgeous rich metallic gold.  Espresso is a deep warm satin brown.

Clear base coat, then 2
coats of Golden
Dots of Espresso after
Golden had dried.

After the little brown dots, I used a decorating polish (not sure what kind, I stole it from my kid!!) in black to do the outlines. Any drug store has them though in the nail section. Easy to find and since it's just lines, I imagine any of them would work.

And the end result...

Leopard nails attempt 1!

That's my right hand, the 'better' hand. A coat of clear polish is on top, and that definitely helped the end result. This hand looks better than the other hand, but I've concluded they are still acceptable enough to wear though and I am! For attempt number 1, I'll call this pretty good. And now I have the polish to keep trying and getting better. I am pretty sure I took about 15 pictures of my hand to get this one. They won't be hiring me anytime soon to be a hand model!!

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