Monday, September 9, 2013

"Do whatever you want" Why you don't really mean it.

I can't tell you how many times I get to and one of the party members sits in my chair and tells me 'you are the artist, I trust you to do whats looks best on me, so do whatever  you want'. 95% of the time, they don't really mean it, but just don't know it.

I've just met you and because it's a wedding, I've asked you to show up with a clean, makeup free face and am endlessly grateful that you did! What this means though is that I don't know how you generally wear your makeup or dress. I don't get a big taste of your 'personal style'. Yes, I am the artist, however, because of my training, I don't look at you and come up with one look that will look best on you. I look at you, and instantly see hundreds of options. I look at your eyes and picture the different colors and eyeshadow placements that would be complimentary to your face shape. I see different ways to do a perfect smokey eye, both dramatic and natural. I see perfect clean winged liner. I see the perfect no makeup look. I look at your lips, and determine if a orange-y red or blue based red would be better. I see what berry tone would work on you, what neutral shade, and what other colors I have that I can go to. This lets me be prepared to just grab colors I have to create any look you want instantly.

When people say 'do whatever you want' whats often actually going on in their head is 'I generally wear browns and prefer a subtle look. Maybe she can alter that slightly in a way that I wouldn't have thought of but that I will still be comfortable with' but maybe yesterday, I read an article that really make me want to try out a metallic blue eyeshadow and the back of my mind is telling me how awesome your eyecolor would look with that metallic blue eyeshadow. (Ok, maybe not for MOST weddings, but you get my point right?) I'm sure you look incredible in your eyeshadow that you wear daily, and I absolutely can add something to it that you may not have thought of on your own, but it might not be where my mind goes first without some guidance from you. I do know for sure though, that I can make that blue eyeshadow look killer on you, and it might totally freak you out as you don't see yourself that way.

I pride myself on being able to take your personal style, and make that fit into the brides vision and theme for the wedding, but to do so, I do need to get a feel for your personal style. I like to ask even the bridesmaids to bring pictures and ideas of how they like to look because a picture is more clear than a thousand words.

Sure, I can do what I think will look best, but whats more important is that you FEEL like yourself, and are in love with how you look. That takes us working together! Save the 'do whatever you think looks best' for a day when you are experimenting with makeup and have time to wash things off and start over when you want to.

I happily will book a lesson with you if you would like to come up with some new makeup looks for yourself, or even just improve your own application techniques. The day of an event however, lets just make you the most incredible, picture-perfect version of yourself that we can.