Monday, September 9, 2013

"Do whatever you want" Why you don't really mean it.

I can't tell you how many times I get to and one of the party members sits in my chair and tells me 'you are the artist, I trust you to do whats looks best on me, so do whatever  you want'. 95% of the time, they don't really mean it, but just don't know it.

I've just met you and because it's a wedding, I've asked you to show up with a clean, makeup free face and am endlessly grateful that you did! What this means though is that I don't know how you generally wear your makeup or dress. I don't get a big taste of your 'personal style'. Yes, I am the artist, however, because of my training, I don't look at you and come up with one look that will look best on you. I look at you, and instantly see hundreds of options. I look at your eyes and picture the different colors and eyeshadow placements that would be complimentary to your face shape. I see different ways to do a perfect smokey eye, both dramatic and natural. I see perfect clean winged liner. I see the perfect no makeup look. I look at your lips, and determine if a orange-y red or blue based red would be better. I see what berry tone would work on you, what neutral shade, and what other colors I have that I can go to. This lets me be prepared to just grab colors I have to create any look you want instantly.

When people say 'do whatever you want' whats often actually going on in their head is 'I generally wear browns and prefer a subtle look. Maybe she can alter that slightly in a way that I wouldn't have thought of but that I will still be comfortable with' but maybe yesterday, I read an article that really make me want to try out a metallic blue eyeshadow and the back of my mind is telling me how awesome your eyecolor would look with that metallic blue eyeshadow. (Ok, maybe not for MOST weddings, but you get my point right?) I'm sure you look incredible in your eyeshadow that you wear daily, and I absolutely can add something to it that you may not have thought of on your own, but it might not be where my mind goes first without some guidance from you. I do know for sure though, that I can make that blue eyeshadow look killer on you, and it might totally freak you out as you don't see yourself that way.

I pride myself on being able to take your personal style, and make that fit into the brides vision and theme for the wedding, but to do so, I do need to get a feel for your personal style. I like to ask even the bridesmaids to bring pictures and ideas of how they like to look because a picture is more clear than a thousand words.

Sure, I can do what I think will look best, but whats more important is that you FEEL like yourself, and are in love with how you look. That takes us working together! Save the 'do whatever you think looks best' for a day when you are experimenting with makeup and have time to wash things off and start over when you want to.

I happily will book a lesson with you if you would like to come up with some new makeup looks for yourself, or even just improve your own application techniques. The day of an event however, lets just make you the most incredible, picture-perfect version of yourself that we can.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to get the most from your wedding makeup and hair trial

Getting the Most From Your Bridal Makeup and Hair Trial
You are paying for it right? Maximize your wedding makeup and hair trial with these tips!

1. Follow your artists instructions! Does she ask you to bring pictures, come wearing your normal makeup, to come with a clean face? Do what she asks. All artists have a setup that lets them work the most efficiently, they will let you know in advance what you need to do to help her work efficiently.

2. Do your research. Hop online and flip through your wedding magazines. Come up with pictures of hair styles that you love. Look at makeup pictures and save some that you love. Also, know what you absolutely don't want. If you find yourself browsing and hating hard structured hair styles, make a note of that. Can't stand the cat eyeliner trend? Make a note of that.

For makeup especially, a picture is worth a thousand words.Here are two examples of my work to illustrate my point better. Both are smokey eyes, but are drastically different. When you tell your artist you want a smokey eye, they don't know if you want one of these two looks, or for it to be hot pink, or any of the other millions of variations there are.

Makeup by Treja, heavy smokey eye

Makeup by Treja, soft smokey eye

3. Don't be set on a specific look. Bring looks as inspiration only. If you come to me telling me to make you look like Kim Kardashian, I can't do that unless you are Kim Kardashian. What I CAN do is take the aspects of her makeup that you like, and make it work with your face shape and features, and the feel of your wedding. If you bring me a picture of Jessica Alba's updo, but your hair is stick straight and heavy, I can't replicate that exactly. But I can adapt the style to your hair texture and give you something with a similar feel. 

4. Don't forget who you are. If you don't wear makeup daily, and hardly put any on when you go out, if you pick a makeup inspiration photo that's got a super heavy eye look, or a bright lipstick, think about whether or not you will be comfortable wearing that on your wedding day. Some people are, some see the look on their face and freak out and need to start over. Same thing the other way. If you wear red lipstick daily, and love a good liquid liner with blush and tons of mascara, will you be comfortable with a very neutral "bridal" makeup look? You want to look and feel your best. Your artist can look at your face and instantly get a million ideas all over the scale of ways to style you, but not all of those looks will suit you as a bride. 

5. Be open to suggestions. Chances are, your artist has worked weddings at your venue before and will have great suggestions that will make your wedding day easier and help your look fit with your overall wedding vibe. If you are having an outdoor ceremony in a notoriously windy place,  having all your hair down and in your face might not be the best plan. If your veil style won't work with the hair style you have selected, your artist can offer different ideas to make everything flow together. When I do a trial, we discuss venue, dress style, wedding vibe, wedding colors, wedding theme, veil style, daily personal style, and even the bouquet before we start talking about makeup or hair. This lets me get a picture in my head of your wedding and helps me to best prepare your look for you wedding.

6. Lastly, take advantage of your makeup and hair. Book it when you have a night out planned or something else going on. You've just spent about 2 hours getting all dolled up, go show it off. It also will let you see how your makeup and hair hold up for the day.

When my clients do their homework, the trial flies by and we can usually come up with the perfect look on the first shot, or with a few slight alterations. When a client comes in with no idea what they want and we are starting from scratch, it takes FAR longer, and can sometimes lead to overtime fees or a second trial needing to be booked.

Email me to book your wedding trial today in California's beautiful wine country. 

Treja McClish!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Now in Petaluma!

We've moved! Makeup by Treja and Brides by Treja is now based in Petaluma! This means that your Wine Country wedding is now in my home range! Now serving the Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Marin, Tiburon, Sausalito, and all other North Bay cities.

I am also still definitely taking San Francisco weddings and clients in the greater Bay Area. Or planning a destination wedding? Don't worry, I love to travel. ;)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Playboy!! Some sexy boudoir

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Mariah Carle of doing makeup for three boudoir shoots. The best part? Playboy Latin America was featuring her as a local artist and filming the shoots to be aired soon in Latin America.

I recently got the images and am thrilled, they are stunning, she is an excellent photographer.

In addition to wanting to share because Playboy is an exciting gig to land, I also think that at some point in her life, every woman should do a boudoir shoot, and in my opinion, right before your wedding is a great time to do it. You know you've worked HARD to get in wedding shape and boudoir photos are an excellent way to immortalize it. A book of the images from your shoot also makes an EXCELLENT gift for your husband to be on your wedding day.

Not getting married? Do it anyways. Whether as a gift for someone, or just for you, boudoir pictures are a TON of fun. How often do you get to sit and get pampered while you get your makeup and hair done, then have a professional photographer help you into great poses where you can look your sexiest?

Heres a peek at some of the images from the shoot! I did makeup only, the clients did their own hair for these images.

A simple bra and panty set looks super hot!

Bright and colorful, with a playful tutu

And nothing says sexy like stockings!

This client was a contortionist! Made for some really awesome pictures!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Rock the Frock, Bridal with Lara

Post wedding bridal photoshoot in San Francisco, shot by Sweet Light Studios.

This is my favorite bridal updo's I have done in a while!

Makeup and Hair by Treja

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tamia: Rock the Frock

Our second Rock the Frock bride, Tamia, offers a more subdued, tranquil Rock the Frock session resulting in some stunning final images at Sweet Light Studios

Contact me to book your session today! All you need is your wedding dress.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bay Area Brides: Rock the Frock!

Those Trash the Dress shoots sure do look like fun, but you want me to trash the dress I spent HOW MUCH MONEY ON? Trust me, I know. I'm shopping for dresses right now too, and even though I haven't bought one yet, the thought of destroying it post-wedding makes me cringe.

Sweet Light Studios and I have partnered up to offer an alternative for you for a fun, creative, post-wedding photoshoot that doesn't ruin your dress. Come out to San Francisco with us for full makeup and hair and an in-studio photoshoot. Go ultra-glam wearing makeup you didn't dare to wear on your wedding day, or take it in an editorial fashion direction. The choice is yours.

Check out our first bride Casey, in her Rock the Frock shoot!
I love her giant hair flower

We added a giant veil to her flower giving her look a Bridal Editorial edge

Doesn't she just have the best smile?

Email me, for details on booking your Rock the Frock session!