Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm getting married!!

He proposed, I said yes, we've set the date!! I'm so excited and have a million ideas! So many conflicting thoughts as far as what we want for a wedding. Part of me wants this big huge extravagant formal affair (and someone else to foot the bill) and another part of me just wants to run off to Vegas with some close friends and family and save the money for the good stuff... like a house, honeymoon, and sailboat.

My ring!! It's perfect and even more stunning in person. :D

Right now, our plans are falling somewhere in the middle. We've picked an awesome venue and have a ceremony planned in the sand on the beach. His 'best man' is a designer/seamstress and will be making my dress for me. I feel so special! We've tried to get started a few times, but the only conclusions I've come to on my dress are that I have NO idea what I actually want it to look like.

I want to share this planning adventure with you all and will do my best to keep it also beauty related. I'm joining the ranks of my bride-to-be clients and am THRILLED about it!

We're not a terribly traditional couple, and out wedding day looks definitely won't be too traditional. I've got a dreadlocked mohawk with (when I find the time to keep it properly dyed) leopard print sides. I'm definitely  keeping the hair. I'm thinking about adding some pearls to the strands to fancy it up. My makeup I'm (surprisingly) struggling with. I'm flip-flopping between hiring a friend, and doing it myself. I'll let you know what I decide, and for now, I'm starting a new skin care regimen. I don't want eye wrinkles or pimples in my wedding photos, and NOW is definitely the time to start something new. This way, my skin will have time to adjust, and I can play around with different products until I find something I really like.

Skincare for me is a tricky one. I have the most sensitive skin I have ever come across. Most things burn, or break me out so I've always just used a castile cleanser and coconut oil to add moisture. Now that I've hit 31 though, something to prevent wrinkles is enticing! I've started my new skincare routine with Origins: A Perfect World moisturizer. So far, its FANTASTIC! No burning, no irritation, and my skin actually feel more moisturized than it was with the coconut oil. I went with this line first because its very natural and uses great ingredients. This specifically is intended to be anti-aging which is what I wanted for most of my face.

I purchased mine at Sephora: http://www.sephora.com/a-perfect-world-antioxidant-moisturizer-with-white-tea-P297512 
I'm going to give it another week or two and then add an eye serum (I have little wrinkles at the end of the day that need to go!) and then a new face wash after that. I'll keep you posted on what I use for both, and hopefully will have stunningly bright, clear skin for my wedding day.

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